New Chords

Version 4.0 features 3 new chords and has now 16 starting chords allowing for 256 combinations with 2904 resolutions including transpositions and 1920 sound files.

The Instrument Window

Tap the picture with the three instruments and a fly-out will let you choose between 10 different instruments or instrument groups, piano is the default.

New Color Scheme

The color scheme has been updated to make the difference between the various chord types more obvious. The images and sounds in the demos and tutorials do not yet reflect the current state of the app. I apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Export Import

An imported .chords file , by email air drop or otherwise will now be saved to the ChordWeaver file folder.

Copy and Paste

Double tapping a chord on the composition train will copy and paste it to the end of it. However the train will not scroll making it easy to copy several chords in a row.

This also allows to repeat the same chord by double tapping the last one on the composition train.


Holding a chord on the composition train and tapping one of the transposition buttons will transpose that chord and all the chords to the right of it. If you only want to transpose an individual chord, transpose it and transpose the chords to the right of it back to where you want them.

Of course, if you just tap the transpose buttons, everything will be transposed.


Other features for sharing and exporting are explained here