A file can be saved to the documents folder of ChordWeaver either as a .chords file or as a .mid file. A .chords file can be reopened and loaded back into ChordWeaver.

However the app does not read .mid files. Save your file as .mid file, if you intend to import it into a sequencer or into a notation program.


After a file has been saved as a .mid file, it can be shared via email and AirDrop.


Here is the traditionnal way to export or share .mid files;

1. Connect your iPad to a computer with iTunes installed and open iTunes.

2. Click on my iPad's name near the top of iTunes.

3. You should see tabs at the top of iTunes, click on "apps".

4. Scroll down below the thumbnails of your iPad's home screens to the list of some of your apps and click on ChordWeaver.

5. On the right, you should see a list of .chords and .mid files on your iPad. You can click and drag any file out of that list onto your computer's desktop or into a folder that is open.

You can also do the reverse by dragging .chords files from your desktop or an open folder into the ChordWeaver document folder of your iPad in iTunes.